Your guide to Martello Towers in the UK and throughout the world.

Martello Society


There are many different individuals, groups and organisations throughout the world who share a common interest in Martello Towers. These vary from those who live in one, to those who open one to the public, to those trying to preserve one to individuals who are just interested in them. 

Given this, the Friends of Martello24 feel that there is merit in establishing a 'Martello Society' to bring together all these groups and individuals to work and network with each other to further the interest in Martello Towers.

Purpose and Aims

The purpose and aims of a ‘Martello Society’ would be:

  • working together to stimulate and further the interest in Martello Towers
  • networking and forum
  • the sharing of information about Martello Towers
  • become a voice in the protection and preservation of Martello Towers
  • publish a website about Martello Towers, bringing together in one place all the information that there is about the towers


The ‘Martello Society’ would be open to any individual, group or organisation from anywhere in the world who has/have an interest in Martello Towers

First Steps

If you like the idea of a 'Martello Society', and/or feel you would support/join such an ‘organisation’, then please Email Icon email Peter Faulkner, Secretary, Friends of Martello24

Blue Line

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