Your guide to Martello Towers in the UK and throughout the world.

Listings of the Towers

On this page you will find a location map and full listings of all the Martello Towers.

Listings of all Martello Towers

Index Icon Antigua and Barbuda 
Index Icon Australia
Index Icon Bermuda
Index Icon British Virgin Islands
Index Icon Canada
Index Icon England
  Index Icon Essex

    Index Icon St Osyth A
    Index Icon St Osyth B
    Index Icon Jaywick C 
    Index Icon Clacton-on-Sea D
    Index Icon Clacton-on-Sea E
    Index Icon Clacton-on-Sea F 
    Index Icon Holland-on-Sea G
    Index Icon Frinton-on-Sea H
    Index Icon Frinton-on-Sea I
    Index Icon Walton on the Naze J
    Index Icon Walton on the Naze K
  Index Icon
Index Icon Guernsey
Index Icon India
Index Icon Indonesia
Index Icon Italy
Index Icon Ireland
  Index Icon Millmount Fort
  Index Icon Sutton
  Index Icon
  Index Icon Bray

Index Icon Jamaica
Index Icon Jersey
  Index Icon 
Portelet Tower
Index Icon Malta
Index Icon Mauritius
Index Icon Scotland
Index Icon Sierra Leone
Index Icon South Africa
Index Icon Spain
Index Icon Saint Helena
Index Icon Sri Lanka
Index Icon United States
Index Icon Wales