Your guide to Martello Towers in the UK and throughout the world.

Listings of All Martello Towers

There are still over 150 Martello Towers throughout the world. 
This page provides a location map and full listings of all the Martello Towers still existing (as at March 2020        Page Under Construction    



Listings of All Martello Towers:
  Martello Icon United Kingdom      
  Martellos Icon Europe        
  Martellos Icon Africa       
  Martellos Icon 
North America        
  Martellos Icon Asia 
  Martellos Icon Australia

Continents Map

Listings of all Martello Towers


Index Icon Guernsey
  Index Icon Fort Grey
  Index Icon Fort Hommet
  Index Icon Fort Saumarez
Index Icon Ireland
  Index Icon Millmount Fort
  Index Icon
  Index Icon Howth
  Index Icon Sutton
  Index Icon
  Index Icon Bray
  Index Icon
 Garnish Island
Index Icon Italy
  Index Icon Cariddi Messina
  Index Icon Mazzone Messina
  Index Icon Castello Maniace Syracuse
  Index Icon Magnisi Syracuse
Index Icon Jersey
  Index Icon Icho Tower 
  Index Icon La Collette Tower 
  Index Icon La Tour de Vinde 
  Index Icon Lewis Tower
  Index Icon Kempt Tower 
  Index Icon Portelet Tower
  Index icon Victoria Tower

Index Icon Malta
  Index Icon 
Madliena Tower
Index Icon Spain
Index Icon UK


Index Icon Mauritius
  Index Icon Port Louis No.3
  Index Icon Black River No.4
  Index Icon Black River No.5
Index Icon Sierra Leone
  Index Icon 
Index Icon St Helena
Index Icon South Africa

  Index Icon Cape Town
  Index Icon Fort Beaufort
  Index Icon Simon's Town 

North America

Index Icon Antigua and Barbuda 
  Index Icon River Fort
Index Icon Bermuda
  Index Icon Ferry Reach
Index Icon British Virgin Islands
  Index Icon Fort Recovery Tortola
Index Icon Canada
  Index Icon Quebec No.1
  Index Icon Quebec No.2
  Index Icon Quebec City No.4
  Index Icon Duke of Clarence Halifax
  Index Icon Georges Island Halifax
  Index Icon Sherbrooke Halifax
  Index Icon Prince of Wales Halifax
  Index Icon Duke of York Halifax
  Index Icon Cathcart Kingston
  Index Icon Fort Frederick Kingston
  Index Icon Murney Kingston
  Index Icon Shoal Kingston
  Index Icon Carlton New Brunswick
Index Icon Jamaica
  Index Icon Fort Nugent
Index Icon United States
  Index Icon Bayou Dupre
  Index Icon Charleston
  Index Icon Key West 1
  Index Icon Key West 2
  Index Icon New Hampshire
  Index Icon New York City
  Index Icon Portsmouth
  Index Icon South Carolina 
  Index Icon Tybee Island


Index Icon India
  Index Icon Arnala Fort
  Index Icon Pakur
Index Icon Indonesia
  Index Icon Menara
Index Icon Sri Lanka
   Idex Icon 
Blue LineIndex Icon Australia
  Index Icon 
Fort Denison

Blue Line

United Kingdom

Index Icon England - Suffolk 
  Index Icon​ Felixstowe L
  Index Icon​ Felixstowe M
  Index Icon Felixstowe P
  Index Icon Felixstowe Q
  Index Icon Felixstowe T
  Index Icon Felixstowe U
  Index Icon Bawdsey V
  Index Icon Bawdsey W
  Index Icon Bawdsey X
  Index Icon Bawdsey Y
  Index Icon Alderton Z
  Index Icon Shingle Street AA
  Index Icon River Ore BB
  Index Icon Aldeburgh CC

Blue Line

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